How to Wash Slippers for the best way in 2021

How to Wash SlippersSlippers are very comfortable to wear all the time. Because sleepers are of different types, they should be used and cared for properly. Fabric slippers, leather slippers, and fur slippers should be taken care of every day. If you use regular slipper cleaners, it will stay fresh for a long time.

In the absence of proper care, slippers become unusable too quickly. But if the sleeper is properly cared for in time, its quality will remain normal for a long time. Some of the best ways to clean slippers are mentioned in this article. From here you can realize the best trip and take proper care of your slippers. See how to wash slippers here.

Learn how to clean all types of slippers for men, women, and kids from here and take proper care.

Use washing machine

Any slippers are much easier to clean with a washing machine. Are you surprised? Do not be surprised, slippers can indeed be cleaned properly in the washing machine. But first, mention what your slippers are made of. Slippers can be cleaned in the washing machine considering the type. Cotton slippers without rubber soles can be washed gently in a cleaning machine. However, use laundry bags while washing, they will help a lot in the best washing process.

When the slippers are done washing, let them air dry. Never use a dryer to dry slippers, as dryers can ruin the quality of slippers. Do not let the slippers dry in excessively hot weather. In this case, the heat of the sun must be eliminated. Choose an open space to dry your slippers with adequate ventilation. In many cases, different types of plastic or rubber are used to design slippers, which can melt when exposed to excess heat. So as an alternative, you have to choose air and light heat.

Wash the slippers

You can wash rubber, plastic, and fabric slippers by hand with water. Washing these slippers with water gives much better results. To catch mistakes, first, take 1 mug of lukewarm water. Then make a mixture with the same amount of liquid or common detergent. Keep the slippers in the mixed water and rub gently with your hands. If the slippers have solid dirty stains, remove the dirt by brushing with a soft cloth or a toothbrush. Scrub the stained area with soap and detergent on paper tissue paper for better results. After scrubbing the slippers well, wash them off with fresh water.

Then let the slippers dry in an open place with a touch of air. Use baking soda to get better results. Apply baking soda on the slippers and wait at least 12 hours. Then clean the baking soda properly from the slippers. If you can complete these procedures, then the slippers will look new and you will get a great fragrance.

Regular wash

We know that anything that is used continuously loses its natural beauty. So if you clean your slippers regularly then they will be properly maintained and can be used for a long time. As a result of cleaning the slippers every day, the hard stains disappear very quickly. Also maintains the beauty of the white slipper. Since white shoes have a lot of dirt on them, regular maintenance can help maintain their shine.

Clean the leather and side in a dry manner

If your slippers are made of leather or suede material, refrain from soaking them. If they ever have water stains on them, see the process below for easy cleaning. It is now much easier to remove stains from leather or diodes.

You can keep the leather slippers clean in the alternative process without washing them. The vacuum is great for cleaning leather or suede slippers. You can vacuum to completely remove the dirt inside the slippers. This is one of the processes to refresh the inside of the slippers.

It can only be used to pick up debris or dirt. You have to choose another way to remove the external stains of the slippers. You can take the help of a soft toothbrush to clean the dirt on the top. Any dirt that clings to your slippers can be removed with a brush. Remove with a soft fabric cloth if necessary. With regular care, your leather slippers will stay shiny and new. This is the best cleaning process to keep your slippers clean and fresh.

Protect sleeper

You can make it a habit to wear socks to protect your slippers. The inside of your slippers is relatively less dirty due to wearing socks. Also, foot sweat creates a damp feeling inside the slippers and increases the risk of various bacterial infections. So if you make it a habit to wear socks, foot sweat will be confined to socks. This process will cause relatively less odor in your slippers.

Wearing socks does not disturb the beauty of the slippers but it acts as special protection for your slippers. As a result of using socks, the slippers stay good for a long time and stay fresh from the inside. So from now on make it a habit to use socks every day to take care of the slippers. One of the best options to keep slippers safe from sweat stains.

Slippers with fur

If wool is attached to the slipper, you can wash and clean it. For this, take a little liquid detergent with water and dip the woolen part of the slipper in water. Scrub to remove heavy dirt and stains. After scrubbing well, wait for the water to drain. Then let it dry on low heat. This way you can take proper care of the fur slipper. Corn starch or powder can be used for white color.


No matter what your slipper is, it is possible to keep the look of the slippers as new as long as you take proper care of them every day after using the slippers. Our best trips mentioned here will play a special role in helping you clean and take care of the slipper. Also, our process will play a huge role in getting you experience.

From now on, wear slippers every day and take care of them regularly. Remember, how long your slipper lasts will depend on your cleaning process.



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