How to remove denim stains from leather purses: 7 steps to follow

How to remove denim stains from leather pursesHappy denim stain day! Today I am sharing valuable and most important tips that help you. Most people don’t know how to use leather products and how to clean the leather products? Today I am sharing how to remove denim stains from leather purses?

When we are buying expensive leather products like a leather purse, leather handbag, leather shoes, leather jackets, leather chairs, leather sofas, and many other things. But you obviously don’t want them to get stains or dirty in any way. You always keep them clean and looking new your leather products but we are don’t know how to clean and care for leather products.

Most of the leather purses get dirty one of these is denim stains and jeans stains. Now we are writing down a few tips on how to clean denim stains from leather purses? But these stains may be difficult to remove denim stains but we promise, it’s easier than you think. Follow a few supplies and little patience and your purse looking brand new.


7 Effective proven ways to remove denim stains from leather products.

1. Soap diluted with water

Soap diluted with water

Here is a safe way to use water and soap to remove denim stains on your purse:

You will needs:

  1. Take 30gm of soap
  2. Put 50gm warm water in a basin
  3. Put a clean white cloth
  4. Wet the sponge and treat the dirt
  5. Use the cloth to wipe the denim stain
  6. Rinse the place

Using soap and water to clean leather purses is very risky but if you are carefully mixed the soap and water perfectly that is safe for your purse. You should consider using strong soaps and detergents like baby soap.

2. Toothpaste

Here is safe to use toothpaste to clean leather handbag or purse:

You will needs:

  1. Take a toothbrush
  2. Take a toothpaste with a whitening effect
  3. A large amount of paste on it
  4. Apply the paste into the contaminated area
  5. After the stain disappears then wash the warm water.

I will tell you honestly that I was always satisfied. Because when I used toothpaste several times, remove the denim stains and look brand new. However, keep in mind that this process work is only for a white leather purse and bag. And you should also wipe the area well dry.


3. Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup Remover Wipes

The makeup remover wipes is one of the most effective ways to remove denim stains from leather bag. You have makeup remover wipes at home you will try to clean your purse.

You will need to do the following:

  1. Apply makeup remover wipes a small amount on a cotton ball
  2. Treat the spot in a circular motion
  3. Enjoy the great result.

When apply the remover wipes you need to know that wipes must be alcohol-free and rub them gently on the affected area of your purse. Remember, there are no extra chemicals in them because harm your expensive purse in any way.


4. Leather Cleaner

If you have a leather cleaner at home, you will try and you will be really surprised at the way it works on denim or jeans stains.

You will need and following:

  1. Apply the leather cleaner to a white cloth or sponge that gently wipe it on the denim stain.
  2. Dry gets lifted and transfers itself to the sponge
  3. After cleaning, use a different part of the purse. Don’t rub too hard and clean.

Remember in this case, you should not try too hard cleaner against rubbing the leather purse because that might damage it. This way is safe to remove stains from your cloth, purse, handbag, and others.


5. Alcohol

Apply the alcohol is a great way to remove stains. Always keep in mind when using alcohol the mixer is safe.

You will need:

  1. Get the alcohol
  2. Wet a cotton ball
  3. Rub the stain lightly
  4. Change Discs as they become dirty
  5. After removing the denim stains, wipe the alcohol with water and removing the alcohol

Alcohol is an important and available cleaning remedy. Most of the contaminants will help the clean. The tool helped remove denim spots.


6. Milk

Here is safe to use milk:

You will need:

  1. Get 450ml milk
  2. Heat the milk to 40°C
  3. Dip a Piece of soft cloth
  4. Treat the affected area

Milk helps clean white things that clean perfectly. The milk soaks something for a few hours. So I think that you can get rid of denim stain properly.


7. Use baking soda

Now we can write down another method that you can try to remove denim stain from a leather purses that uses baking soda or cornstarch. This contaminant helps us most kinds of stains clean and may also work on jeans or denim stains.

You will need:

  1. Take a bowl and a little bit of baking soda
  2. Take warm water
  3. Use mixed affected area
  4. Clean using a slightly moist purse

Leather purses are more expensive but the denim or jeans stain can be really disappointing. So we should know about how to use baking soda and clean stains.


The leather purse is a very expensive material that is the most important thing for women. But using some days the purse looks dirty and disappointing. So we need to know how to clean it. In this article, we are trying to best guideline to remove denim stains for your purse but always keep in mind when using any method to be careful because some method damages your purse if you are not using properly.

The purse is an accessory that is realized every day. But men haven’t any idea for cleaning and keep it. We hope you understand all of the methods. And I expect the article was useful to you. Many people have a question how what where and so on for that reason you read the article and learn the answers.

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