How to clean velvet shoes properly so they look new in 2022

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The velvet is one of the most delicate and difficult to clean fabrics. Therefore, we are not used to wearing it daily, and we wear our velvet garments on special occasions or parties that require an elegant and sophisticated outfit. But this not only happens with clothes, with velvet shoes the same thing happens but with an addition, as we can not put them in the washing machine we are forced to clean them by hand. At this time when we ask ourselves which product is suitable to avoid damaging our shoes and how we should remove stains. If you want to wear perfect shoes at your next party, read on and discover how to clean velvet shoes.

How to clean velvet shoes

How to clean velvet shoes requires care and patience. It is ideal for a party that requires going elegant, as it provides a sophisticated touch. It has become a must-have this season. Jackets, dresses, T-shirts … and also shoes!

Brightly colored ankle boots, party heels … all in velvet. We teach you how to clean velvet shoes to accompany you for a long time. If you combine them in the right way, velvet shoes can add a touch of color to your look. You will be the most original and go to the latest in women’s fashion. You can combine them with a small matching detail, such as the bag.

Velvet is a magic fabric. Green, electric blue, or pink colors are the most demanded in the season. Without a doubt, some velvet shoes will be a success. In addition, this seasonal fabric will be present in all kinds of shoes. Ankle boots, high-heeled sandals, pumps … even sports! There is no look that resists velvet. But since it is such a delicate fabric, it is important to know how to care for them. We teach you how to clean velvet shoes and always keep them ready.

It is one of the most elegant and refined fabrics, and also one of the most difficult to clean. Velvet was rarely used, for very special occasions. But now fashion has put it on the streets, and it is an essential of the day today. This is why it is so important to know how to clean velvet shoes. They need the care to be like new every day.

If you don’t trust your skills, you can find a professional to perform dry cleaning. But there are other alternatives that you can use at home. We teach you all the tricks on how to safely clean velvet shoes. Read more article about Best leather shoe cleaner for your choice.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first thing you should do to clean your velvet shoes is to take a soft-bristled brush and brush carefully and without pressing the shoe, with special emphasis on stains. Always brush in the direction of the velvet fabric.
  2. Then grab an empty plastic bottle over 1 liter and mix 1 tablespoon of detergent with 1 liter of warm water. The water cannot be hot because it would damage the velvet fabric. Shake the bottle well to create a lot of foam. When the maximum possible foam has been produced, put a little foam on the soft bristles of the brush (only the foam) and rub the stains very gently, in favor of the velvet, without pressing. Then, with a clean cloth, remove the foam residue from the shoe and let it dry.
  3. If your velvet shoes have been stained with grease or some kind of food, you can try cleaning them with alcohol. Take a container, fill it with water, and add a little alcohol. Use the traditional alcohol that we keep in the medicine cabinets to heal wounds, a more aggressive one would damage the velvet fabric. Mix well and moisten a soft sponge. It is very important that the sponge is not abrasive so as not to damage the shoe. Squeeze the sponge well to avoid wetting the shoes excessively and rub the stains very gently, without pressing. Rinse the sponge several times to clean it and leave the dirt in the water. With a clean cloth, remove the rest of the solution and let the velvet shoe dry.
  4. If you have a chance to clean the stain immediately after it occurs, cover it with talcum powder and let it work for 1 day or even two. After this time, perform step 3 to remove stains from your velvet shoes if there are still remains.
  5. Try cleaning your velvet shoes following these processes and leave them looking like new. If the stains are very serious and do not go away, take them to a professional to remove them. If you have other party shoes with the same problem and don’t know what to do, you can try looking at how to clean satin shoes.

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What do I need to clean velvet shoes?

You will find all the items you need to properly clean velvet shoes at home. You will see that it is a very economical option and the result is really professional.

How to clean a velvet shoe step by step

The toothbrush is going to be your main ally when it comes to how to clean velvet shoes correctly. It is important that it has soft bristles, or that it is old. Being soft it will not harm velvet, which is a delicate material. When brushing, it is important that it is always in the direction of velvet.

The next thing you have to do is create a mixture that will help you clean your shoes. To do this, mix 1 liter of water and a tablespoon of detergent in a container. It is important that the water is warm. If it is too hot it will damage the velvet irreversibly. Rotate the mixture as much as possible until the foam is abundant. The foam will be what you are going to clean your shoes with. Because if you use the water directly, they will get too wet and spoil. Velvet is so delicate!

With the brush and the foam, you gently rub the velvet shoes. Especially in the most stained areas. Do not press too hard, clean gently. Remove the foam residue and let it dry.

Thanks to these simple steps you already know the most common method on how to clean velvet shoes.

How to clean velvet shoes if they have been stained with oil

Oil and grease stains are the most difficult to remove. So a more aggressive technique is needed. We will use alcohol mixed with water. Once you have mixed it well, moisten a sponge a little. Try not to get it too wet, if necessary squeeze it first. You should only use this mixture on the stain, rubbing very gently. Let it dry and your shoes will be like new.

There is another technique that also works very well with the grease stains on the velvet. It works especially if the stain has just occurred. You have to spread talcum powder on the surface of the stain, and leave it to work for a couple of days. If after a few days a stain remains, you can apply a little warm water. More Read about how to clean a wool rug.

Keep velvet shoes

Now that we know all the techniques on how to clean the velvet, it is important to know how to keep it ready. There are little tricks that will make your velvet shoes stay perfect for longer. Cleaning must always be accompanied by good maintenance to be effective.

  1. Keep your shoes away from moisture. Moisture is the natural enemy of velvet, so try not to forget them in the bathroom, or not wear them on a rainy day
  2. Clean stains as soon as possible. If you leave a long time before cleaning, it will stick to the velvet and will be very difficult to remove. Velvet is a delicate material, and you cannot rub as intensely as with other materials.
  3. Brush it frequently. As if it were an animal’s hair, a brushing comes from pearls.
  4. If you are going to wash them in the washing machine, never with hot water. In addition, you must use special detergents for delicate fabrics.


  • Remember that you cannot use hot water to clean your velvet shoes since the fabric will be damaged.
  • Don’t get your velvet shoes too wet.

Now you know everything you need on how to clean velvet shoes, and how to always keep them perfect. Let nothing stop you when it comes to wearing the fabric of the season. There are a variety of colors and shapes for all tastes. Choose yours, and if they get dirty, don’t worry, you already know all the cleaning techniques. And now that you have the velvet shoes as new, it is time to go outside to brand them. Trust Wayook to book domestic service in Madrid, and that nothing interferes with your free time.

What is velvet?

Velvet is a soft, smooth, and luxurious material that gives shine and a smooth nap appearance. Historically, velvet was made from silk that was only affordable to royalty and wealthy aristocracy. But made of synthetic materials, velvet has become more inexpensive and accessible to the masses. Today, velvet is made from rayon, fiber, microfiber, cotton, and polyester in addition to silk which is used made of cloth, upholstery, and shoes. A smooth nap gives us a soft feel.

What are the Origins Of Velvet?

Velvets are made from silk which was very expensive that is accessible by the royal and noble classes but synthetic velvet is made from fiber, cotton, soft fabric, rayon which is accessible to all classes. The velvets were first introduced in Baghdad, around 750 A.D. Then production spread throughout Europe. After new loom technology, easy to use for all types of people. During this period, All Europe’s countries become the dominant velvet production center.

How is velvet made?

Naturally, Velvet is made from silk and it is a special loom known as durable cloth which produces two pieces of velvet. Always, velvet pile height less than half a centimeter.
In this era, most velvet is made from synthetic and natural fiber. Today, pure silk velvet is so rare and that is so expensive. Most of the velvet-made silk and rayon that is marketed. Synthetic velvet can be made with polyester, nylon, and rayon.

7 Different types of velvet

There are several types of velvet fabric on the market because the fabric can be woven from different materials using different methods. Now we are discussing different types of velvet:

Crushed Velvet: The name suggests, the crushed velvet has a crushed look that twisting the fabric while wet pressing the pile in a variety of directions. This velvet looks patterned and shiny the materials have a unique texture.

Panne Velvet: Panne velvet is a type of synthetic velvet which like crushed velvet. This can appear in knit fabrics such as velour that is usually made from polyester and is synthetic velvet.

Embossed velvet: Embossed velvet is one kind of printed fabric that is used to apply pressure to velvet. This velvet is popular for home decor and design.

Plain Velvet: Plain velvet is a cotton velvet that is heavy and doesn’t have shine. These are made from silk or synthetic fibers.

Ciselé: Ciselé type of velvet is made from cutting some looped threads.

Stretch: Stretch velvet is made from spandex incorporated in the weave that makes it more flexible and shine.

Pile On Pile velvet: This type of velvet pile has created a pattern that varying lengths. Usually contains this type of velvet upholstery fabric.

How to clean velvet?

Do you know what is velvet? And how to clean velvet? In this article, we will describe what is velvet and how to clean velvet. Velvet is one kind of fabric like wool and luxurious materials. It looks like fabric that is used on clothing, furniture, shoes, purse, and accessories. From time to time will need to clean velvet products that look new.

In most cases, you can clean your velvet items at home but sometimes need expert and professional. You should always take care cleaning velvet to avoid stains, matting, and creasing.

How to wash velvet?

Velvet is a fabric that is generally a high-quality material that is used in making luxurious clothing, furniture, bedding, and others. Pure velvet is more expensive and delicate, so it can be tricky to wash. Using professional velvet cleaner and using home techniques, you can clean velvet household items.

Expert advice: Follow some simple tips and keep to clean your velvet shoes

  1. Make sure the shoes are completely dry because a wet stain can make the shoes worse.
  2. Using a soft-bristled brush and you can use an old toothbrush.
  3. If it is wet, don’t blot the stain because it makes the spot worse.
  4. Never heat to the velvet, heat damage the fabric.

Final Word

All in all, what to expect a pair of velvet shoes that you can enjoy their comfort, attractiveness, and luxury for a long time. After all, always the weakness of a pair of velvet shoes that you can clean and care. A fashion-forward should think about a pair of velvet shoes with a luxury wardrobe for these reasons.