How to Clean Marble Floors (Best solution) in 2022

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Limestone is a stone that is found to be in nature. The value of limestone is much higher. It is believed that limestone is the oldest. This limestone has been around since the beginning of the earth. It has the most versatile holes and is very soft. It can be collected from nature with a variety of colors, textures, and design patterns. Initially, this limestone was used to build gods, temples, tombs, etc.

How to Clean Marble Floors

Along with the change of era, the use of limestone has also changed. Limestone is currently being used on the walls, floors, countertops, back-splash, etc. of luxury homes. Limestone is also used to enhance the beauty of various ornaments. It is a beautiful and great stone in the world. Limestone can be a great target for home construction. Limestone plays a major role in high-quality homes.

It may be a concern to you how do you clean the limestone floors of the house? You need to know some proper guidelines for cleaning marble floors. Read the full article below to know how to clean marble floors?

Marble Floors Clean Solution

Marble is used to making the floor of the house attractive and huge. Nowadays, marble is playing an important role in the great design and attractive looking of the floor of the house. Globally, marble has become very popular for the construction of houses. The floor and walls made of natural stone have to be cleaned very carefully. Marble floors need to be kept much cleaner otherwise they get dirty very quickly. If your marble floor is old and dirty, it should be cleaned. The importance of cleaning to restore the shiny look of the marble floor is immense. It should be taken care of properly to remove dust and dirt from the marble floor.

Here are some simple rules to help you take care of your marble floor. See the marble floor cleaning tips below.

  • First, choose which marble floors you want to clean. Then dry the floors well.
  • Select the amount of dirt more or less. Then mix 2-4 teaspoons of baking soda with liquid soap. Then mix the mixture in hot water and rub the marble floors well to remove dirt. Be careful not to sketch with a stiff brush.

look at the DIY steps, it will help you to clean the marble floor thoroughly.

First, collect one bucket of water. You can use liquid detergent in the water if you want. Select a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge to help clean the floor. If you want, You can use a soft bristle scrub brush. Then dip the cloth or soft brush in the soap solution and gently scrub the floor. Keep washing the floor with the cloth or brush you are cleaning with fresh water and keep wiping the floor. When the bucket becomes dirty, discard it and collect fresh water in the bucket again. Once the floor is wiped, make an ideal paste by mixing 1 cup of plaster, Diotomasus Earth, 1 cup of plaster, powdered white chalk with water. Stir the paste for a long time. Keep stirring until you feel a thick cream.

Spread the thick layer of wet and poultice paste well on the areas where there are stains on the floor. When the past is done, cover each spot with plastic wrap. Then tape around the poultice with masking tape so that each edge is protected. Leave the places covered for 1-2 days for complete drying then good results can be obtained. Remove the plastic wrap after 48 hours. Then wipe the poultice again with a damp cloth or sponge. Then apply the commercial stone sealant on the clean floor as per the skin instructions. It is important to remember that one pound of poultice mixture can be applied to about 1 square foot.

Remove stains from marble floor

Natural marble tends to be comparatively much more visually pleasing. These marble stones are very soft so they can easily get any stains and many holes can appear. This can be a concern for proper care of your floor. Keep your marble floor unscrewed. Then you can easily clean the floor properly. Fluids will absorb liquids quickly and easily and will help to remove stains. However, do not use any liquid water that creates stains on your marble floor. Marble floors are much fancier than other floors.

So it is better to clean it as soon as there is a slight stain or dirt. Use only gentle methods for your marble floor. If you want to remove stains from your marble floor without any damage, see the remedies below.

Process 1

Make baking soda and water a thick paste (look like cream) for more effectiveness. Apply the prepared paste well to remove floor stains. Occasionally spray water into the paste. If stains or dirt are high, plenty of baking soda. And apply the prepared paste. Once the paste is applied to the entire floor, cover it with a plastic cover. Then leave for at least 24 hours to get good results.

Remember that baking soda helps to dry the stains and paste of the floor. If the baking soda is not applied properly, you will not get good results. After the prescribed time, wash the floor pastes with mild soapy water. If you do not get good results, apply fresh paste again.

Process 2

Mix one cup of unbleached flour, 3 TBS liquid dishwashing soaps well with the same amount of water. You can use liquid soap if you want, but you can’t use bleaching powder in any way. Try to make a thick paste by maintaining the sour consistency of the cream. Now spread this paste on the stain and thicken it. Then cover the past with a plastic cover and wait for 1 day. After the allotted time, clean the floor with dilute soapy water. If proper results do not come, apply the same paste on the stain again and follow the same procedure.

Process 3

First, spray fresh water lightly on the floor stains. When sprayed, thicken the cornstarch and sprinkle on the spot. Then wait 24 hours continuously for better results. After 1 day, remove the corn starch and rinse with clean water. Repeat the same procedure until the stain is completely removed.

Note: Instantly sprinkle corn starch on the marble floor to remove greasy stains and wait 15-20 minutes. Then wash the area clean with mild soapy water. Cornstarch does a great job of removing greasy stains from marble floors.

Process 4

First, fold a piece of cotton cloth according to the drawing of the stain. Then dip the cloth in hydrogen peroxide. Then remove the wet cloth. Lift the cloth in such a way that water does not boil after boiling. Then place an object on the spot where adequate pressure and weight are applied. Then wait at least a day. See the results after one day. If unsatisfactory results are obtained, repeat the process in the same manner.

Note: This is the easiest and best process for cleaning marble floors. Keep in mind, however, that one of the major disadvantages of this method is that it can ruin the brightness of the floor.

The best cleaner for marble floor

If your talent is marble floor then it should be taken care of properly. You should choose some process so that you can get the best result. Take the best process to make your floor more beautiful and attractive. You should clean and maintain the marble floor regularly  Follow the right guide to do. The most harmful cleaners for marble floors are acidic cleaners. Such as lemon, vinegar, ammonia, and bleach.

These cleaner shots damage the marble. Because cleaner shots are too hard for marble floors. Cleaners scratch the marble so that the marble loses its luster. You will also lose the brightness of the color. So you should use a cleaner so that your marble is not damaged. You should use pH neutral cleaners. Because pH neutral cleaners clean marble easily when mixed with water.

As the best cleaner, you can use solutions like Windex, liquid soap, baking soda, mild detergent, and hydrogen peroxide, alcohol. PH neutral cleaners are great for marble floor cleaning.

The best steam option for cleaning marble floors

You can use the steam process to clean your marble floor perfectly. Of all the processes you have ever heard of, this is the best alternative cleaner. You can get real shine and maintenance with the help of a steam cleaner. In this process, you can easily remove the dirt and natural bacteria from the deep floor of the marble floor.

So it plays the most effective role as a cleaner. Select the best effective cleaning tool. The steam cleaner is the most perfect cleaning machine for marble floors. You cannot clean the floor properly using chemical processes. It also takes more time to clean chemically. Even the harmful elements of a chemical reaction can be deadly to anyone.  Floors can be damaged if you use a liquid brush to scrub the floor.

Toxic chemicals can also cause a variety of scars on the body. Considering all the aspects, it is seen that steam cleaner is the best method for marble floors. In this method, you can get many quick and effective results.

Steam cleaners are great and the best cleaner for marble floors. Because steam machines are designed for marble floors by advanced technology. So your first choice for cleaning marble floors should be a steam cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner for marble floor

Vacuum machines are very effective for cleaning marble floors. You can easily remove any hard stains from dust, dirt, and natural bacteria. There are different types of robotic vacuum cleaners available in the marketplace and no one is required to run them manually. You can use the best quality vacuum if you want to clean the marble without any hassle and any damage. Currently, it is a popular process for cleaning marble floors.

You should choose a vacuum machine that does not damage the marble.  Properly check the vacuum brushes and apply the correct level of the beater. You need to choose the best machine out of the various types of vacuum machines on the market, to clean the marble floor properly.

Polishing Marble floor cleaner

Marble floors are polished to make them more attractive and brighter. Polishing increases the flexibility of the floor. If you cannot take proper care of the polished marble floor, it can be damaged. Since marble is a natural stone, its Proper beauty can deteriorate over time. If you want to take proper care of polished marble floors, you need to give up chemical cleaners. Proper cleaning methods should be applied to properly preserve the beauty of natural marble stones.

Remove any stains from the marble floor before polishing. Always use a clean dry microfiber cloth to remove dust from the marble floor. Avoid stiff scrubbing brushes. Wash the floor with a clean microfiber cloth to get good results. Then dry the floor surface well. Now use baking soda mixed with water as polish. This is the best polishing method.


Here are some of the best and simplest process of the marble floor. You can clean marble floor using any one of your choice processes. If you want to clean the marble floor perfectly and attractively for a while then apply all the above guides properly. Hopefully, from here you will find the best way to clean the marble floor. Clean vinyl floors or marble floors help maintain good health and make used rooms much more attractive. For this reason, need marble floors should be cleaned regularly.