How to clean Bissell Carpet Cleaner Dirty Water Tank?

Bissell carpet cleaners are designed to clean the dirt and surface of the carpet as well. So you need to know how to clean Bissell carpet cleaner and it’s how to clean. In this article, we are trying hard and fast to write down how to clean Bissell carpet cleaner’s dirty water tank?

How to clean Bissell Carpet Cleaner Dirty Water Tank

Keep your Bissell carpet cleaner dirty water tank in good condition, you should need to know the manufacturer’s guide for cleaning it. After using the carpet cleaner, you should flush upright and clean the dirty water tank. After using the Bissell carpet cleaner then wet.

Bissell carpet cleaner has been used to clean your carpet and dirty surface. So it is important to properly clean and maintain the water tank that working properly. Now we are writing down a few steps for cleaning Bissell carpet cleaner and dirty water tank.

How to clean Bissell’s dirty water tank?

1. Firstly, turn off the carpet cleaner and unplug the machine.

2. Then grab the front handle of the water tank and press down on the silver release button to remove the dirty water tank.

3. After that grasp top of the water tank from the sides and pull it up to remove it. And remove the screen filter by grasping the sides and pulling up it.

4. Next, hand washes the water filter with warm water over the filter.

5. Remove the stains, hair, debris, or fibers in the filter.

After cleaning the Bissell cleaner brush and water tank, it is very important to completely dry and reassembles. Dry, snap the screen back but you should check the tank not be loose and no gaps.

How do you clean a Bissell dirty water tank?

Firstly, make sure your machine is off and unplugged. Then, remove the water tank by pressing down on the tank handle. Next, empty the dirty water and pull up on the rubber tab and clean the dirty water tank. After that, fill the clean water and shake smoothly the inside.

How do you open a Bissell easy fill bottle?

To remove the tank from your machine by pulling up on the handle. Keep your tank on a flat surface and remove the cap. Then fill the tank with hot water and twist the tank yellow cap back into place.

How do you clean a Bissell Pro-heat carpet cleaner after use?

After using Bissell Pre-heat carpet cleaner, you should use a microfiber cloth or soft brush with mild detergent to wipe away any dirty residue on the lint screen.