How to Clean and Care for Baseball Caps: For Best Way

How to Clean and Care for Baseball CapsGreat for playing baseball caps or for work. Baseball caps also play an important role in fashion. Whatever the reason you use a baseball cap, it needs to be cleaned and cared for if you want to use it for a long time and regularly. The baseball caps we buy from the market are usually made of cotton towels, cotton-polyester blend, or jersey mesh. These fabrics are not like other ordinary fabrics, they are very strong, durable, and colorful.

Plastic or cardboard is used to curve the front of the baseball cap so you have to consider a lot before washing. If you use the wrong process to clean the caps, they will lose their shape and become unusable. By reading this article you will know, How to Clean and Care for Baseball Caps.

Ways to clean baseball

This will be very useful for those who wear hats frequently. Wearing a hat continuously makes it dirty and smells bad so you should clean the hat at least once a month. If you follow our process and clean the cap, the cap will be more fresh and new. Wear the cap’s level tag before you start cleaning the cap so you can be careful about cleaning.

When the baseball cap was first made, no level tags were used on the inside, making it very difficult to clean. If you have a baseball cap without a level, you should know how to clean it. If you continue with this article, you will find the right solution.

Check the necessary materials before starting a cleaning

✔️ Washing machine/water bucket.

✔️Soft-bristled brush.

✔️Hat form.

✔️Towel/cotton tissue paper.

✔️White microfiber cloth.

✔️Heavy detergent.

✔️Oxygen bleach (if needed).

✔️Stain removal (if needed).

You should use heavy detergent to clean the baseball cap. The water you use to clean the cap must be cold. Do not use Dryer Cycle Type, as it may damage the cap. You can use some special treatments to remove the scars. Never use iron settings for baseball caps.

Caring for cotton, polyester, and mesh baseball caps

Stain lifting treatment

For polyester and mesh caps, apply solvent-based or gel stain remover with a sweat cap. Treat them naturally very easily. Be sure to use heavy-duty laundry detergent to remove hard stains from the cap. Use a soft glitter brush to remove stains from the cap. Dip in detergent’s water if necessary. Soak the cap in detergent for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse well with cold and clean water. This process will remove both stains and sweat.

Recover bright colors

If you lose the brightness of your used cap, you can get it back in a simple process. Use oxygen bleach in mildly warm water to get back the color of the cap. Then soak the cap in the bleach solution for at least four hours. This process will allow the hat to quickly regain its brightness and increase the brightness like new again.

[NOTE: Never use chlorine bleach on baseball caps.  Chlorine bleach is harmful to polyester fabric]

Wash the hat

Wash your cotton fabric cap with colored camphor with heavy detergent.  For best results, soak in detergent for a while.  Then wash all areas of the hat thoroughly in cold clean water. Do not let the hat dry in the sun after washing.  The hat is dry in the air as it can ruin the shape of the hat.

Keep the shape normal

When cleaning the hat, you should be careful not to distort the shape of the hat in any way. This is why you can put the cap on a large coffee can after washing. Or you can air dry it in a head-shaped container or form. If you let the hat dry in this process, it will not be distorted in any way. Never place a baseball cap in a dryer, as heat and tumbling distort the cap.

Baseball Caps Care Tips

Here are some important tips for cleaning and caring for your baseball cap. These will help you to take care of the hats in real life.

  • Use a cap form to dry the water after cleaning the baseball cap. The cap form prevents stains on the cap.
  • Use cap form to remove dirt and sweat from the interior.
  • Try washing the cotton, polyester, and cotton + polyester blends in a dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Spray the dirty cap with cap cleaner and deodorizer well before starting the washing process.
  • Use a brush to remove heavy stains from the cap. Apply oxygen bleach if necessary.
  • Determine the water temperature well when washing the hat. Excessive thermal water can shrink the fabric of the cap.
  • Clean your used baseball cap once a month.

The tips above will help you a lot in caring for the hat. If you follow these tips, cleaning a baseball cap can be much easier for you.


If you can take care of the baseball cap properly, it will be useful for a long time. This article will be very helpful for those who use hats regularly. If you take good care of the hat, it will have the right quality. And retain its luster as new.

Before cleaning the hat, you must take a good look at the level guidelines inside the hat. Cleaning a baseball cap can be a lot easier for you if you understand the guidelines correctly. Then from now on get a great experience on cleaning hats by following the level tags and our tips.