How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair in 2021

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How to Clean a Bean Bag ChairOf all the furniture in the house, the bean bag is surely your favorite. It is such a chair, it is loved by all members of the family. The bean chair contains PVC pellets, beans, expanded polystyrene, or foam making it much more comfortable to use.

Bean bag chair covers in your home can be made with different fabrics. You may have to clean the bangles of each chair separately due to the difference in fabrics. These chairs have a high capacity to withstand heat and humidity. The bean bag chair looks much cleaner. This means you don’t think it needs to be cleaned. You may have to clean these chairs at a certain time. How do you clean this bag chair cloth if you have no experience? To solve this problem we have written down some proper guidelines for you. You look at each process very carefully and apply it in real life.

Here are some ways to clean bean bag chairs, from here you can choose the best cleaning process according to your needs.

  • Bean bag chair cotton cover

If the cover of your bean bag chair is made of cotton then it can be washed and cleaned with water. So open the outer cover first and remove the inner liner. You mix a mild detergent with water. Of course, use warm-hot water for cotton fabrics. You can clean it with the help of a washing machine. If you do not have a washing machine, wash it by hand. After washing, let the cover dry in air dry or light sun heat. When completely dry, use the cover again on the Bean bag chair.

  • Bean bag chair vinyl cover

Vinyl covers are much easier to clean, you first take a cloth and warm soapy water. Then wipe the vinyl cover well with this water. If the vinyl cover has relatively hard stains, take a small soft brush and rub it to remove the stains. Dry the cover thoroughly with a clean dry cloth after cleaning dirt and stains. Then notice the brightness in your bean bag chair as before.

  • Bean bag Chair Suede Cover

You should brush regularly to keep the side cover of your Bean bag chair clean. Use a soft wet damp terry cloth for this, as good results can be obtained by cleaning with terry cloth for the side cover. You can use a suede eraser to remove dry spots or hard stains. A metal side brush is much more effective for this cover. It works much better to increase the nap. Also, spray the side with a protective spray, it will give much better results.

  • Bean bag chair Plush Cover

Take a damp cloth to clean the bean bag chair placement cover. Use a toothbrush to remove stains from the plush cover. Rub on the stain with the brush for hard stains. Then wipe well with a clean cloth, remove with dust when wiping. However, a vacuum works great to remove dust from this cover. You can clean the dusty cover with a vacuum.

  • Bean bag chair velor and velvet cover

This cover of the bean bag chair is very easy to clean. Soak a soft cloth in warm water and squeeze it well. Then wipe the vinyl cover with the cloth. Use a soft brush to remove cover stains. Rub gently with a brush to remove all stains. At the end of the process, wipe the cover with a clean cloth or towel until dry.

  • Bean bag chair leather cover

If you have a leather bean bag chair, it is not difficult to clean. This cover can be wiped clean with a cloth regularly. You can soak and wash this leather cover cloth if you want. Since it is not a difficult process, you should clean the leather cover at least twice a month. The leather cover can be scrubbed using a mild detergent to remove hard stains. At least, use conditioner on your covers after 6 months.

Some tips for maintaining your bean bag chair

  1. Bean bags are relatively dirtier when used outside the chair, so keep them indoors after use. Keep in mind bean bag chairs are very fancy so it is not prepared to adapt to natural weather.
  2. Keep the chair in your bean bag in a place protected from rain and excess drought. Because this chair cannot adapt to the natural environment.  If the chair gets wet by accident, dry it as soon as possible.
  3. Carefully inspect the area where you place the bean bag chair so that the area does not get wet in any way.
  4. Never place your bean bag chair in direct sunlight. If kept, exposure can cause oxidation. Oxidation is very harmful to bean bag cover.
  5. Never place your bean bag chair in a dirty place and always keep a distance from the dining table outside.
  6. If your bean bag chair ever gets wet by accident, dry it quickly. Because a wet bean bag causes a strong odor, it becomes very difficult to remove later.
  7. Bean bag Never accidentally use bleaching powder when cleaning the cover of a chair. Bleaching powder will ruin the color of the cover.


So you should clean and use your bean bag chair much more carefully. The durability of this chair depends on your use. It is very important to clean your bean bag regularly. Clean your favorite bean chair regularly from now on and replace it in the proper place. Since you spend your most comfortable moment in this bean bag chair, use it in as healthy a condition as possible.

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