5 Easy Tricks to Dry Clean a Carpet

Dry clean a carpet is more than a piece that dresses your home and isolates it from the cold. On the carpet, your son plays with his first toys, you can sit on it with your friends, watch that movie, tell adventures … Your carpet is present in many moments of your life. But this piece has a very annoying problem: cleaning.

It is not so much. Cleaning a carpet is easier than it sounds. It can be done with household products that we all have at home.

5 easy tricks to dry clean a carpet

Learn how to dry clean a carpet

There are different types of rugs: carpets that cover the entire room, folder-type carpets that cover a certain area, cut pile, mixed plaited pile, wool, nylon, polyester, jute, and countless types due to their fabric. or by how it was made. Although the products listed below are homemade, you must take into account the type of fiber you are going to work on.

One of the simplest and most effective methods for wool rugs is the use of baking soda. This technique consists of covering the carpet with bicarbonate and leaving it to work for one or two hours. Subsequently, the vacuum cleaner is used to remove dust. Baking soda also works to remove bad odors from the carpet. For that, you have to let it act for at least three hours.

You can also clean and disinfect your carpet with salt. You have to completely cover the carpet and roll it up for a few hours. Then just vacuum the vacuum cleaner to make it perfect.

Another option is specific carpet cleaning products. These products are made with a powdered solvent that removes dirt. Just put it on the stain, leave it on and vacuum afterward.

Another way to clean it is to use a dishwasher- safe solution, a few drops of ammonia, and warm water. This mixture is used with a sprayer, so as not to soak the carpet, and rubbed with a cloth.

You can use water and other detergents, but if you soak the carpet, it will take at least two days for it to dry well. This is not recommended if you do not have a good place to leave it hanging and well ventilated.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you don’t have much time you can always go to a professional. A dry cleaning service can be the easiest and is not that expensive. It is most recommended in case of difficult stains that we do not know how to remove. There are companies that collect and deliver the rugs at home. These companies not only clean the carpet, they also disinfect, deodorize and comb it.

There are dry cleaners that offer house cleaning services. This cleaning is carried out with specific machinery to clean upholstery. A very practical service if you have a carpet or if you can’t give up your carpet for a couple of days.

Your rug is a unique piece, it gives a special touch to your house and is full of memories: it deserves to be cared for in a proper way.

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